Dr Puneet Jain

qouteI have been attending The Sutton Implant Clinic for over 10 years and I have been very pleased with the treatment received.

Staff at the practice are all extremely professional and dedicated and the assistance from the reception staff is exceptional.

For the best part of 50 years I feared the Dentist chair, having memories of mouth gagging instruments and mask's forced over your nose and mouth to put you to sleep, had made every step towards the chair a very painful experience.

Only of late have I experienced the new modern approach to "the chair".

Having decided that I needed extensive work, I was introduced to sedation, the process was fully explained to me in terms I understood, the procedure was carried out with the upmost professionalism, every step again explained, I did not even feel the injection, the next thing I was aware of was that it was all done – the whole treatment completed without any fuss.

I would be the first to recommend this system to anyone who has chair memories to concur.

I am delighted to be able to support the Dental Care Partnership in their application for recognition as an excellent practice.

I wouldn't say I enjoy going for treatment, but I can say I no longer fear going.qoute

Dr Puneet Jain

qouteDear Dr Jain
It is a very comfortable experience to visit to The Sutton Implant Clinic. If you are nervous about visiting the dentist you are soon assured. From the welcoming reception and throughout the treatment you feel you are receiving a first class service. Staff made you feel comfortable and never under any pressure and you are able to discuss any concerns that you may have. All the staff work hard as a team to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Staff were very approachable and ready to explain and discuss any of my concerns. Through the implant treatment I felt confident that I was getting the best care and attention from everyone. The treatment was explained thoroughly was explained and every stage discussed. At no time was I in any pain.

The implant treatment that I had has been life changing. The implants feel comfortable, I can smile with confidence and even better, eat all the foods I enjoy!

If you are considering this type of treatment discuss it with the dentist and the dental technician and talk to people who have had the treatment. You will be reassured.

For me it was certainly a good investment of time and money and I would recommend this practice to anyone considering implant surgery

Best wishesqoute

Dr Puneet Jain

qouteDear Dr Jain
I am writing to express my gratitude on completion of my implant. I was very apprehensive when I broke the original crown in an accident however, from my very first appointment I have had absolute confidence at every stage of the treatment. I have felt so comfortable during each stage because your approach and expertise have been absolutely first class and all my initial fears were quickly removed.

Thank you so much – I am totally happy that the new implant is in place

Yours sincerelyqoute

The Sutton Implant Clinic

qouteThe problem you faced before you came to us? Maintaining good oral hygiene

Your experiences of working with us; for example the quality of care, service, quality of the product, customer care? Always a good experience and excellent care

The major benefits of having the treatment? Confidence of healthy teeth and gums

Was it a good investment of time and money? Yes

What advice would you give to people who are considering this type of treatment? To have the help necessary to protect the life of gums and teethqoute

The Sutton Implant Clinic

qouteI was very unhappy with my teeth after having five children and being an ex-smoker and lots of bad dental work over the year's leaving me with badly fitted crowns & a loss of my main back teeth. Eating a meal properly was impossible!

I was fortunate enough to receive a nice amount of money and the first thing I though was 'I can finally fix my smile'. I did research many practices to find the right one. I settled for the best & chose Dr Jain and The Sutton Implant Clinic.

From my very first visit I felt totally at ease and knew immediately I was in safe and capable hands! Dr Jain listened to all my concerns regarding my teeth & between us we decided on replacing all crowns and veneers to the rest of my top set and 3 dental implants & veneers on bottom set.

Dr Jain gave me a dental plan so we could both see progress, my teeth were a challenge but both excited to see end results. It's become enjoyable visiting this practice, the staff are an absolute credit to Dr Jain and go out of their way to make sure my appointments are suitable times and days.

I've also found myself observing teeth (other peoples) as a way of life and I can honestly say I would rather visit my dentist opposed to my GP. Major benefits for me will be function able teeth with a lovely cosmetic look so it's a win-win for me.

I've also learnt a lot too & for myself totally worth investing in. Because of the end result the time hasn't phased me in the least. This type of work isn't a fast process. I would definitely promote extensive dental work like mine (full mouth)

It's not scary, it's interesting & informative and each time I have and appointment there's improvement from my last visit. I'm very happy with my choice of practice and work undertaken. Do your homework and choose a reputable dentist like mine, communication is a must to achieve the best end result.qoute

The Sutton Implant Clinic

qouteJust a quick line to say how grateful I am for all your hard work today, yes it did hurt a little, but I was glad to have the injections, wished id had them last time, I should have said. You're doing such a lovely job on my teeth and I'm more than pleased. I'm biting my gum a little I suppose I've got to get used to having teeth at the back, but the nightmare is almost over for me. Years ago id dream and the fear was id lost my teeth. Over the years that fear got worse and when it happened to me, my nightmare was real. I cried and cried, my big son saw me and said 'mom get them done' and the pain of looking after myself looking in the mirror hurt. I now feel so good I tell everyone and anyone who'll listen to me. There are not enough thankyou's to say how I feel. Your kindness of yourself and your staff is wonderful. I can't wait to get my new white ones and I'll be showing everyone yet again. I hope god gives me a long life to enjoy them. You're wonderful, many, many thank you's yet again. See you all soon and I'll tell everyone how good you are.

Take care, God blessqoute

The Sutton Implant Clinic

qouteAfter having issues with my old bridge falling out and having to be re-fitted all the time, we after many discussions decided the best option would be for 1 implant and a crown to be fitted.

Naturally never having this kind of work done before on my teeth I was a little worried and apprehensive but I have to say there was no need

I received excellent communication from Dr Jain on every visit made, great quality of care whilst there and after care service which I thank you for. I can now confident¬ly smile with my new sparkling teeth and finally can chew without worrying they are going to fall out!, thank you I would highly recommend implants, they may be thought to be expensive but in the long run and scheme of things they are more than worth the expensive, I would also certainly recommend The Sutton Implant Clinic to anyone who requires dental work, first class care and trust you success in the future.qoute

The Sutton Implant Clinic

qouteResulting from an accident and subsequent medical complications, I lost a large number of teeth some 20 years ago. I was left with only 6 teeth in my upper jaw, all of which were crowned, and 8 in my lower jaw, 1 of which was crowned.

The absence of so many teeth from my upper pallet not only made chewing food problematic but also made it impossible for me to smile naturally without revealing the large gaps at the rear of my mouth. Moreover, with the passage of time all of the 6 crowns became more and more prone to dislodge.

The remaining teeth in both my upper and lower jaws migrated over time causing spaces between a number of them and the consequential irregular biting and chewing actions caused excessive wear and tear, all of which resulted in increasing discomfort and poor cosmetic appearance.

Having consulted several dentists with a view to correcting these various problems, I decided to proceed with the proposals submitted by Mr Puneet Jain for the following reasons.

He proposed a solution to address my dental problems in their entirety and to the maximum practicable extent. Moreover, he discussed fully with me the numerous treatment choices and their pros and cons and costs. We eventually agreed upon a detailed step by step plan to be followed over a period of approximately 18 months. He then delivered this course of treatment exactly as planned and reassured me every step of the way that the eventual outcome would be the finest possible in my dental circumstances, both functionally and cosmetically.

I was absolutely delighted with the outcome. It was exactly as Mr Jain had promised and has made a dramatic difference to my appearance, confidence, enjoyment of food and life in general. I now have 10 rather than 6 teeth in my upper jaw (a 10 unit bridge supported by 6 implants). My upper and lower teeth are now even, have no spaces between them and are all the same shade of white, perfectly colour matched to my complexion. Eating and smiling are now a real pleasure rather than things I had to think about and do carefully.

I experienced minimal pain and discomfort and noted marked improvements in my appearance and ability to eat comfortably at every stage of the treatment.

Mr Jain is undoubtedly a technically gifted dental surgeon practising at the leading edge of his profession. He has an outstanding ability to empathise with the needs and aspirations of his patient and deliver, as in my case the optimal dental solution within the art of the possible.

He told me exactly what he could do for me, and how he would go about this .... and he then went on to do precisely what he had said he would do.

Mr Jain's calm, professional and continually reassuring manner throughout the process gave me great confidence that I had selected a truly exceptional dentist and the ideal treatment plan.qoute