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Dental implants are a long-lasting and excellent treatment for replacing missing or failing teeth. They also secure the dentures and allow the mouth to restore its natural function. Many adults undertake dental implants because of its many advantages in terms of oral health.

Dental implants are simple, secure and permanent solutions to the problem of missing teeth. They substitute for the lost teeth by replacing the natural roots. Indistinguishable from natural teeth, dental implants serve as reliable alternatives to uncomfortable dentures or bridgework. Moreover, a single implant can simply replace a single missing tooth.

A Variety of Dental Implants from The Sutton Implant Clinic

Many implant dentists are tied to a single implant system, however, we believe that no single system can do everything perfectly. At The Sutton Implant Clinic we use different systems because we know that each one has its own advantages for our patients. Every system consists of specific indications that enable us to choose the best one for every dental procedure.

Our dental implants procedure in Birmingham comprises of two major implant systems namely Ankylos and Straumann. There are cheaper systems available but they do not have the research, quality, backup and reliability that we require. The Sutton Implant Clinic believes that quality dental care entails advanced technologies and techniques that can satisfy a patient's requirements.

We are also aware of clinics in the UK using copy implants. Just like any other fake goods they rarely live up to expectations and we will NEVER risk our patients' care, security and the longevity of their results with fake implant components. When it comes to exceptional dental implants in Birmingham, you can trust our practice. We ensure a gentle and effective implant that you can enjoy for many years.

We offer solutions for the following problems:

Your Choices Single Tooth Multiple Teeth All Your Teeth Denture Stabilisation Maintenance Advanced 3D Imaging

Dental Implants in Birmingham