The Process

If you decide to go ahead with implant treatment after your consultation, your dentist will draw up a treatment plan outlining projected treatment times, costs, and number of appointments.

How dental implants work

Dental implants are small titanium screws that are placed directly in your jaw bone in a minor surgical procedure here at our Sutton Coldfield dental practice. This can be carried out under local anaesthetic or sedation, depending on your preference; most of our implant patients report that implant placement is more comfortable than having a tooth extracted.

Your dentist will use CT scans, x-rays and the latest computer technology to precisely plan the placement of your implants before starting treatment, avoiding any nerves and other vital structures and placing the implant(s) in the optimum position to withstand the biting and chewing forces generated in the mouth.

After your implants are placed, they will be left to heal for 10 to 12 weeks. During this time the implants will knit together with your jaw bone and provide a strong anchor for your new teeth – crowns, bridges or implant-secured dentures. Once adequate healing has taken place, your dentist will take impressions of your mouth in order for your new teeth to be created.

Additional procedures

Whilst some patients can have implants placed immediately, others require additional treatment before implant placement. This may involve a bone graft or sinus lift to rebuild your lower or upper jaw bone so that it is dense enough to support implants, or may involve treating underlying conditions such as gum disease. Dental implants should ideally be placed in a healthy mouth to increase their chances of success. If you do need any additional procedures, your dentist will explain this to you at your consultation, and will include this in your treatment plan.

  • Assessment:

    Thorough examination of existing teeth & jaws, chewing ability & cosmetic appearance. Xrays will be taken, & in some cases advanced 3D imaging will be needed. Photographs & impressions may be taken.

  • Treatment Planning:

    Any basic dental treatment should be completed prior to implant treatment. Good gum care & condition should be established. The quantity & quality of existing bone at the implant site will be established and the implant treatment planned.

  • Implant Placement:

    The implant is gently and precisely placed. Carried out under local anesthetic. Sedation may be arranged if required. Average treatment time is 30 minutes.

  • Second Stage Care (month 3):

    The implant(s) is uncovered. A simple procedure (15- 20 minutes) using local anesthetic. A healing cap is inserted into the implant. This allows a collar of gum to form around your implant, ensuring a natural aesthetically pleasing end result.

  • Impressions of the implant (month 4):

    A simple procedure similar to impressions taken for conventional crowns and bridges. No anesthetic is required. Impressions will be taken of all the teeth, the way your jaws come together will be recorded, and the shade of your teeth will be carefully and accurately recorded using digital photography.

  • Fitting of the final restoration:

    A fully bespoke abutment and cosmetic all ceramic (metal-free) crown that is completely hand crafted will be screwed or cemented into place.

  • Review and maintenance:

    The restoration and implant will be reviewed a week later to ensure there are no concerns, and then annually to ensure its health.