Pick a number, any number

The first time it happened was decades ago when you were playing hockey. Then it happened again a few years later when you had that accident. A decade or so after that, it was tooth decay that did it. Now you’re fairly certain you’ve lost more teeth than you’ve got left. Tooth loss is insidious, once it starts the impact on your dental health makes it more likely to keep happening unless you get effective treatment, pronto. What’s the most effective treatment around in Birmingham? Dental implants.

Dental Implants in BirminghamAt Sutton Implant Clinic, we’ve made our name, quite literally, in placing dental implants to restore missing teeth. It doesn’t matter how many teeth you’ve lost, dental implants in Birmingham provide a long-lasting, reliable solution.

Just the one

You’ve lost just the one tooth, but it has left an unsightly gap right in the front of your mouth for all to see. To say your smile isn’t what it used to be is an understatement. You could get treatment with a bridge but this means grinding down the 2 teeth either side of the gap to act as buttresses to support the bridge. If you want to keep all of your remaining teeth in good shape, a dental implant can do the trick. We’ll carefully drill a channel into your jawbone, into which we will place a single dental implant. After a period of healing, we’ll attach a custom-made crown, designed to seamlessly blend in with the rest of your teeth.

And a couple more

You’ve lost a few teeth in a row and you’re thinking dental implants in Birmingham are going to be beyond your budget as you’ll need one implant for each missing tooth. Well, think again. A single dental implant can support up to 3 missing teeth in a row, owing to its secure attachment within the jawbone, which is made possible by new bone tissue growing and meshing in and around it.

A mouthful

Wearing full dentures has left you feeling self-conscious about your smile and worried that whenever you eat, laugh or talk, they might just slip out. It’s time for dental implants. A whole arch of teeth can be supported on just 4-6 dental implants in Birmingham.