Dental implants: don’t be daunted

Getting dental implants can be a daunting prospect. Surgery, drilling, metalwork; it can all sound a bit much. However dental implants in Birmingham have been around for decades and the process of getting them has been honed to a fine art in that time.

Dental Implants in BirminghamAt Sutton Implant Clinic, we are here to make your implant journey as comfortable, smooth and stress-free as possible. For starters, understanding the implant process a bit better may help put you at ease. So, let’s address some common concerns right now.


Getting dental implants in Birmingham does involve oral surgery. But you can forget about enduring excruciating pain; dental implants are placed under local anaesthetic, which numbs the pain. This is more than enough to manage any discomfort as there are fewer nerve endings in the jawbone, where we will place your implants, than in your tooth roots. For especially nervous patients, dental sedation is also an option. This will relax you but still leave you able to communicate with us if needs be. We offer a choice of oral sedation, taken as a tablet, or intravenous sedation that goes straight into your bloodstream.


Dental implants are quite the innovation and maintaining them is far easier than you may think. They are permanent fixtures in your mouth, so don’t require removal for cleaning as dentures do. All you need to do is clean your dental implants diligently every day as you would your natural teeth. Continue to come in for your regular dental check-ups as well and your dental implants can last you a lifetime. An important point to note is that while dental implants can’t suffer from decay, gum disease can cause them to fail. So, keep on top of your oral health and your dental implants will see you through the years.


Dental implants in Birmingham are a pricier solution to missing teeth than bridges or dentures. But over the course of a lifetime, they more than make up for it as dentures and bridges will need replacing every few years. What’s more, we offer finance options to help spread the cost.