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Losing teeth, losing patience

Teeth are precious to our smiles because without them, they just don’t look right. Over time, age can give us wisdom and life experience. Unfortunately, it can also take important things like teeth away. Thankfully there are effective and natural-looking solutions to tooth loss, such as dental implants in Birmingham. At Sutton Implant Clinic, this is a treatment provided by our friendly and experienced dentists to benefit your oral health.

Dental Implants in BirminghamLosing teeth can be difficult to come to terms with, but you shouldn’t have to put up with it for long. Avoiding treatment after tooth loss can lead to further risks for your remaining teeth, as some may shift in an attempt to fill in the gaps. Implants also prevent jawbone loss because they ensure the bone continues to receive vital stimulation that tells it to stay strong, meaning you can avoid the possibility of a gaunt and sunken-cheeked appearance after tooth loss.

Dental implants in Birmingham

Arranging a consultation with one of our dentists may be useful if you are considering dental implants in Birmingham. It gives you a chance to ask your dentist any questions about the procedure and to tell them of your desired outcome.

Once you have all the information you need and you are happy to go ahead with the treatment, it is exciting to anticipate the return of your newly complete smile. The procedure itself starts with the implant being fitted into the part of your jawbone where the tooth is missing. The number of implants you require will depend on how many of your teeth you have lost. A single implant can be used to secure up to three replacement teeth in a row but for restoring more teeth several implants will be needed to secure customised bridges or dentures.

Looking after your new teeth

Once you’re happy with your healthier and happier teeth following treatment, it is important to keep them that way. Thoroughly brushing your teeth morning and night is vital for the longevity of your dental implants, and maintaining your dental hygiene will benefit your oral health for the foreseeable future.

Are you dodging a healthier smile?

Receiving treatment for your teeth doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Although trips to the dentist might not be considered one of the most exciting things to do in life, it is important that you feel comfortable and relaxed when you come to visit. When you think about it, any dental issues will ultimately take longer to sort out if you avoid the dentist. At Sutton Implant Clinic, we welcome you into a friendly environment to make your dental trip is as enjoyable as it can be.

Dental Implants in BirminghamThere’s no denying that certain procedures can be daunting for nervous patients. But why should you let nerves get in the way of a confident and healthy smile? If you have experienced tooth loss and the thought of replacing them makes you quiver, discussing your concerns with one of our dentists could put your mind at rest. This will include a conversation about your preference of sedation and the sort of treatment plan that would suit you. It might also leave you feeling excited about the prospect of receiving dental implants in Birmingham.

The devastation of tooth loss

In Birmingham, dental implants are your friends when it comes to solving tooth loss. In the long-term, they serve to relieve you of the discomfort you may have experienced after losing a tooth. That’s because tooth loss can do damage to the appearance of your smile and the future of your oral health. Not only that, but the loss of one tooth or several teeth might affect everyday things as simple as eating and speaking.

It is important that the gaps in your teeth are filled in after tooth loss. Dental implants in Birmingham look and function like natural teeth, with the implant acting as a tooth root. A small titanium screw is placed into the part of the jawbone where your tooth is missing and given time to integrate. Then a natural-looking replacement tooth will be fitted on top. If you have lost a single tooth or up to three in a row, you will require a single implant. However, you will need more implants to replace the loss of more teeth; these can then anchor bridges or dentures if necessary.

Long-lasting new teeth

Losing a tooth can have a big effect on your everyday life. When a gap appears in your smile, you can begin to feel self-conscious about your appearance. Losing several teeth can make eating a meal an uncomfortable experience.

At the Sutton Implant Clinic in Birmingham, dental implants are a long-lasting solution to the problem of missing teeth. Our highly customised dental implants are durable and natural-looking. You don’t need to use adhesives or clips to keep them securely in place, and you can go on enjoying them for decades after they’re fitted.

Dental Implants in BirminghamSecurely anchored

Your journey towards new teeth starts with a conversation. We’ll assess your dental health and take some precise measurements of your teeth at our dental practice in Birmingham. Dental implants need a healthy jawbone and good overall oral health, so we might need to prepare your mouth with one or two procedures before the main event.

When you’re ready, our dentist will place the implants, which are small metal posts, into your jawbone. This happens during a minor surgical procedure. Following a period of healing, you’ll return to our comfortable practice to have your new teeth securely affixed to the implanted posts.

Many advantages

Dental implants in Birmingham bring many advantages for your oral health and overall dental experience. Dental implants:

  • function like natural teeth because of the strong bond that develops between the jawbone and the implanted metal, so you’ll have no trouble biting into all your favourite foods
  • are truly user-friendly as you clean them like regular teeth and there’s no need to remove them from your mouth
  • help your facial bones keep their robustness, so you won’t develop the sunken appearance that’s a common feature of long-term tooth loss
  • aid the pronunciation of words for clear speech, which is often a consequence of untreated tooth loss.

Positive future

Dental implants in Birmingham can be used to stabilise existing dentures. They’re a convenient solution no matter how many teeth you’ve lost. We have many years of experience in delivering this treatment. If you’ve been enduring the effects of lost teeth for many years, dental implants in Birmingham can transform your quality of life.

The trouble with puzzles

Imagine making the effort to complete a 1000 piece puzzle, only to realise the final piece is missing. After all that time and hard work spent on making an image, the loss of that final piece is disheartening. There is a similar feeling of disappointment attached to tooth loss, but you can’t walk away from your smile the way you can a puzzle. If you have lost a single tooth or several of your teeth, maybe you are looking for dental implants in Birmingham?

Dental Implants in BirminghamLosing a piece of your smile can make your smile disappear completely. Although you can’t get your natural teeth back, you can replace missing teeth using dental implants in Birmingham. At Sutton Implant Clinic, we welcome our patients into a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The intention is for you to feel comfortable when you come to the dentist, so that you can feel excited about regaining a confident and healthy smile.

All is not lost

Instead of you having to search high and low for the missing piece of the puzzle, our helpful dentists are at hand to provide you with a natural-looking replacement for your lost tooth. Your replacement tooth will be designed especially for you, made to match the colour and shape of your remaining teeth. That way, there is no ‘odd one out’.

Dental implants work like natural tooth roots. The implant is a small titanium screw fitted into the part of the jawbone where your tooth is missing. After a given time, the implant will fully integrate with the jawbone and be ready to receive the replacement tooth on top. A single dental implant can cover the loss of a single tooth or support multiple replacement teeth, up to 3. We also provide implants for customised dentures, rescuing you from the hassles of loose dentures.

Relieving nerves

In Birmingham, dental implants may seem daunting for nervous patients. We understand that a trip to the dentist in itself can be scary for some, which is why we like to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible. We will talk you through the procedure in detail and even discuss the possibility of sedation to put you at ease.

Tooth loss isn’t on the menu

When you’re eating your favourite dish during dinner with your friends, the last thing you will want to think about is whether your teeth can handle it. Losing a tooth is an uncomfortable experience with long-lasting consequences, which can affect your smile, your ability to chew and eat, and your oral health. Dealing with these consequences when you want to have a good time shouldn’t have to be inevitable, which is why you might be searching for dental implants in Birmingham.

Dental Implants in BirminghamAt Sutton Implant Clinic, we offer dental implants in Birmingham to patients who have lost one, several or even all of their teeth. We understand that procedures such as these can be daunting, which is why we will welcome you into a warm and friendly atmosphere. That way, you don’t have to be afraid of voicing any concerns you may have prior to treatment. If you are feeling especially nervous, we will discuss the possibility of sedation to ensure that you feel as comfortable as can be during your treatment.

New teeth to be proud of

Dental implants are like artificial tooth roots. They work to retain your jawbone structure, preventing that sunken look that shows itself over the years after tooth loss. The dental implant, a small titanium screw, is placed into the part of the jawbone where the tooth is missing. Over time, it will fuse and integrate with the jawbone and a replacement tooth will be secured on top. Your new teeth are crafted by dental technicians especially for you and are designed to fit in with your remaining teeth.

If your replacement teeth are well looked after, they can be a sturdy solution to tooth loss. As with your natural teeth, it is important to maintain a healthy dental routine to keep your smile looking and feeling wonderful.

Your unique treatment

In Birmingham, dental implants involve different journeys for individual patients. Think of our experienced dentists as friendly tour guides to teeth, taking you through your unique journey during treatment. That means discussing the details of the procedure, how it works, and how it is bound to benefit you and your smile.

Finding your smile after tooth loss

Losing an invaluable possession can be heart-breaking because you can lose the memories and sentimentality that came with it. When it comes to tooth loss, you can lose a smile that you’ve been wearing all your life. If you spend days wondering how to get your smile back, have you considered dental implants in Birmingham?

Dental Implants in BirminghamA gap in your teeth can affect your smile in more ways than one. Losing a tooth can make you feel nervous about showing off your grin, with a frown only adding to your dissatisfaction. Not only that, but tooth loss can continue to damage your oral health long after the event of losing your tooth or teeth. Leaving tooth loss untreated for too long can lead to further complications, like the movement of your remaining natural teeth. The effects of tooth loss are long-term and far-reaching, which is why you might be considering dental implants in Birmingham.

Once, twice, several times an implant

In Birmingham, dental implants can be provided for patients at Sutton Implant Clinic after they have lost a single tooth or several teeth. Implants are small titanium screws and they function the way natural tooth roots would. Once the dental implant has been placed into the part of your jawbone where a tooth is missing, it is given time to heal. Once it has fused with the jawbone, it is ready to secure a replacement tooth.

The loss of several teeth can be covered with one or more implants, giving you natural-looking teeth to restore your smile and oral health after treatment. You might not even be able to differentiate your real teeth from your replacements when you look in the mirror.

Looking after what is yours

If your tooth loss occurred as a result of poor oral hygiene and you receive dental implants in Birmingham, it important that you look after your teeth from then on. Your replacement tooth can last just as long as a natural tooth, so long as you maintain a healthy dental hygiene routine. That means brushing morning and night and as hard as it may be, cutting down on sugary foods.

A passing grin

A tooth lost is not necessarily a frown gained. Although losing a single tooth or several of your teeth can be devastating, it certainly shouldn’t have to stay that way. When it comes to your happiness, smiling is the visual indicator. Passing someone in the street with a smile on your face can brighten their day and make you feel happy, so why stop? The solution to missing teeth is dental implants in Birmingham, a treatment focussed on getting your oral health and smile back on track after tooth loss.

Dental Implants BirminghamMissing teeth can interrupt your oral health and lead to discomfort when you bite and chew. It might mean having to think hard about what you pick from the menu when you go out for dinner, limiting you to easy foods like soup or mash. By providing you with dental implants in Birmingham, our friendly and experienced dentists at Sutton Implant Clinic are helping you to restore your quality of life.

Your dental implant journey

After tooth loss, the jawbone also becomes affected over time. Tooth roots help retain the structure of the jawbone, preventing bone loss and allowing you to avoid a sunken-cheeked appearance. As small titanium screws, dental implants act as artificial roots. An implant will be fitted into the part of the jawbone where the tooth is missing and given time to integrate and fuse, stimulating the surrounding bone tissue to mesh and grow around the metal.

Once the implant has fully integrated, a natural-looking replacement tooth is then secured on top. Even you may even struggle to distinguish the replacement tooth from your remaining teeth.

Finding your smile

The importance of replacing missing teeth all leads back to health and happiness. Gaps in your smile might have an impact on your confidence, making you feel like you have to hide your teeth when you want to laugh and grin. These gaps can also affect your remaining teeth, as they may shift into the gaps. In Birmingham, dental implants restore oral health after tooth loss, helping protect the jawbone and remaining natural teeth. With good care dental implants can last a lifetime, so you can enjoy years more of smiling with confidence.

All is not lost with dental implants in Birmingham

Losing a tooth can knock your confidence, especially if you happen to lose one of your front teeth. No matter the cause, tooth loss can take a lot away from your smile and your self-esteem. In Birmingham, dental implants are offered at our practice as a lasting solution to patients who have experienced tooth loss. This is a reliable and durable solution is considered the closest approximation to natural teeth, which is just part of the reason why our friendly dentists at Sutton Implant Clinic are only too happy to explain the ins and outs of dental implants to patients who have lost teeth.

Dental Implants in BirminghamA calm and comfortable experience

While losing a tooth can be a painful process, the solution to tooth loss doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. We understand that the thought of receiving dental implants can be daunting, which is why our dentists will discuss the details of the procedure with you. For patients who are feeling especially nervous before treatment, the possibility of sedation is always there. That way, your comfort is prioritised and you can actually feel relaxed during your journey towards a healthier smile.

How dental implants in Birmingham work

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is fitted into the part of the jawbone where the tooth was lost. The implant is given time to integrate with the jawbone before the replacement tooth is secured on top. Dental implants can be used to replace one, several or an entire jaw of teeth. A single dental implant can support up to 3 replacement teeth.

By replacing missing teeth, you are not just looking out for your smile but your oral health too. The jawbone will be protected as dental implants prevent bone loss and so help you to avoid the sunken-cheeked look so common among denture wearers. Dental implants also allow you to eat a full range of foods again, however tough or chewy they may be.

Confidence restored

After you have received dental implants, it might be hard to spot the artificial teeth among your natural teeth. In Birmingham, dental implants are the go-to solution for those who want to smile, talk and eat with confidence again following tooth loss.

Planning around your dental treatment

So, you’ve decided you want to get dental implants in Birmingham but then you get out your calendar and realise you have such and such an event coming up. Next you have a friend’s birthday, then you’re away with the kids – where do you fit tooth replacement in to a busy life like this? It sounds like it will take a lot of time, but you don’t have the space to give it. Like many concerns when it comes to dental implants in Birmingham, when you talk to The Sutton Implant Clinic about time constraints, we can usually offer reassurance.

Dental Implants in BirminghamHow can we help?

When you visit us for dental implants in Birmingham, bring along a list of any issues that you have and your diary so that we can look at dates with you. The more information we have about what you need, the more likely we are to be able to help. Please don’t worry about having a full schedule as we have plenty of experience helping patients to fit the dental treatment they really want into their lives.

How much time will you need?

It may help to know that the procedure for fitting dental implants only takes a few hours. Occasionally, with complex cases, a bit more time might be required but we can let you know if this applies to you when we have completed our initial investigations.

If you have heard that dental implant treatment takes quite a bit longer, you probably got information based on healing times or preparatory work. While we do all we can to ensure you have the most efficient healing process possible, the body cannot be rushed when it comes to integrating equipment like dental implants. The bone in your jaw regrows around your new prosthetics and this takes some weeks or even a few months. Everyone heals at a different rate and we will monitor your progress and give you updates throughout.

During the healing process, you can live a relatively normal life as long as you follow our instructions with regards to strenuous exercise and dietary restrictions. It should not mean that you cannot attend special events or go away somewhere.

Getting back to your routine after dental implants in Birmingham

Spontaneity is great. Change can be transformative. However, it’s often the support of routine that often allows life to be full and satisfying. It’s often once things are fully integrated into our lives that we really begin to appreciate the benefits. When it comes to getting dental implants in Birmingham, you want them to be come a seamless part of your life and allow you to get back to your normal routines as soon as possible after you have them. Full integration is one of the marks of a good dental treatment and something that we help you with when you visit The Sutton Implant Clinic.

Dental Implants in BirminghamHow will you feel straight away?

Immediately after dental implants in Birmingham, we hope you will feel relaxed and happy to be on the other side of your procedure. Although you need not be nervous and shouldn’t feel anything during treatment due to the local anaesthetic, it’s normal to be apprehensive before dental treatment and often more relaxing when it’s over. Most people find they can drive home afterwards but, if you are having more extensive work, you might like to bring someone with you for a bit of support. We can advise on exactly what you should expect when we create your treatment plan.

What do you do once you are home?

Relaxation and rest should be your first priority. You will have just had dental surgery, albeit a minor procedure. Put your feet up or get into bed and allow your body to recover. You can consume drinks and liquid foods. It’s worth getting something on board for nourishment. You also need to pay attention to the implant area. It needs to be clean and free from debris. You can ensure that this is the case using a very soft brushing action and salt water rinses.

How will your recuperation progress?

In the days and weeks following your dental implant procedure, your mouth will begin to heal and your healing jawbone will begin to grip your new equipment. During this time, you need to be gentle with your implants to avoid undue shifting which can affect the eventual security of your new teeth.