Can I have just the one dental implant?

By replacing one single tooth and avoiding the traditional bridge option, the adjacent teeth are preserved. Dental implants come in various sizes of length and width to fit every patient. Since molars typically do most of the work during chewing, using an implant of maximum size is always preferable here.

Dental-Implants-in-BirminghamBy determining the exact jaw dimensions prior to implant surgery, our team here at Sutton Implant Clinic can decide on just the right implant for the tooth to be replaced.

Dental implants in Birmingham come in various sizes of length and width. Because front teeth are typically used for tearing food, using an implant of maximum size in this scenario is always preferred. Determining the exact jaw dimensions prior to implant surgery allows our dedicated implant team to decide on just the right implant for the tooth to be replaced.

Dental 3D imaging technology is used to plan the dental implant surgery in a very precise and accurate manner, meaning your dental implants in Birmingham will be a perfect custom made fit for you.

Do they take a long time to heal?

The time between surgical implant placement and final crown placement is typically shorter on the lower jaw than it is on the upper jaw. This is because of the denser bone in the lower jaw, which allows for faster fusing (known as osseointegration) of the bone with the implant’s outer surface. This fusion period of our dental implants in Birmingham is fundamentally to a successful and long lasting dental implant.

Replacing a single back tooth with a dental implant

Replacing a single back too this the most common tooth replacement scenario here at our practice.Unfortunately, molars and pre-molars are usually the first teeth to be lost due to decay and gum disease. As with all aspects of dental implant dentistry, the time and efficiency of replacing back teeth makes it one of the most predictable and efficient dental procedures performed here at Sutton Implant Clinic.

If this sounds like a procedure you could benefit from, why not give us a call and arrange your initial appointment with one of our dedicated team to talk through your dental implants in Birmingham?

Dental implants in a modern world

Modern dental implants have been around for many decades and have advanced massively since the first modern implant was placed by Dr Branemark in 1965. Today, they are much more predictable, less invasive and the results are much more aesthetically pleasing than they were even as little as five or so years ago.

Dental Implants in BirminghamImprove chewing capacity

Scientists concur that up to 30% of digestion occurs when chewing your food correctly and efficiently. If teeth are not biting correctly due to gaps or pain then your digestion will not be ideal, which could then be extremely detrimental to your overall health.

Some of our patients here at Sutton Implant Clinic say they suffer with persistent acid reflux or indigestion issues. Some even reported a lowered immunity and to constantly feeling ill or drained of energy. These symptoms could be the result of poor absorption of nutrients within the digestive system due to lack of inadequate chewing of food.

Look younger with dental implants in Birmingham

If you have missing teeth you may suffer with a ‘sunken’ or gaunt look to your cheeks. This, unfortunately can often cause wrinkles too. If your lips are supported and in the correct position with the help of dental implants in Birmingham your face will look healthier and also keep you looking younger.

Show us your pearly whites!

These days, the technology involved in dental implants production is hugely progressive. This means that the results will look completely natural and so aesthetically appealing that you generally can’t tell the difference between natural teeth and dental implants in Birmingham.

Say goodbye to jaw ache

The joint that controls your jaw movement has a high blood supply and is extremely close to many of the main nerves of the neck, head and face. It has been shown through academic studies that if this joint isn’t working correctly it can encourage migraines, teeth grinding, tinnitus, vertigo, earache and many more.

Dental implants in Birmingham can restore this joint to its most natural position, which in turn could relieve these symptoms. This means that your smile with not only look a million dollars, but it will also be much healthier and pain free!

Are dental implants expensive?

There is no hiding the fact that dental implants are not cheap. At Sutton Implant Clinic, single tooth dental implants in Birmingham start from £2,950. When attempting to explain why they aren’t cheap, it is necessary to understand that you are not buying a product but rather a service. It was only a few years ago that the cost of a full dental restoration with implants could easily have cost upwards of £50,000 and involved multiple trips to many different dental specialists.

Dental Implants in BirminghamDental implants in Birmingham are ‘medical devices’ implanted into the bone and this is living tissue. It is home to nerves, blood vessels and sinuses. This makes the placement of dental implants both an art and a science.

Am I a candidate?

Anyone who is healthy enough to undergo a tooth extraction is probably a suitable candidate for dental implants in Birmingham. However, there are certain contraindications that may complicate or prevent a dental implant procedure. Patients with certain conditions such as chronic diseases, heavy smoking or alcohol abuse may not be ideal candidates for implants. Our dentists will determine if dental implants are right for you after a complete oral assessment and evaluation of your medical history at your first appointment with us.

Do they ever fail?

Failure of an implant or rejection is rare, but it can happen. If you are a heavy smoker or have an illness or disease of your immune system, then this is more of a risk of dental implant failure.

Will they hurt?

You may be surprised to hear that most dental implant procedures involve less discomfort than a routine tooth extraction. When we see patients for follow up appointments, most of them tell us how surprised they were with how little discomfort or pain they had at every stage.

Our practice is fully equipped with dedicated dentists and staff who are highly trained to safely provide successful methods of relaxation techniques. As well as this we offer intravenous sedation anesthesia option for any of our patients’ who may feel uneasy at the prospect of a dental implant procedure or suffer with dental anxiety.

Say goodbye to removeable dentures

Many of our denture wearing patients here at Sutton Implant Clinic tell us how positive using dental implants tostabilise their dentures has been for their lives and their oral health. It has stopped their dentures from slipping when they are chewing, speaking and smiling. In short, dental implants in Birmingham have given them their confidence back to face everyday life with a smile that won’t fail them.

dental-implants-in-birminghamWon’t dental fixative do that for me?

Denture fixatives do help to hold upper dentures in place but don’t do much for a lower denture that is loose.Studies have shown that less than 15% of people who have a lower denture wear regularly because they find it too uncomfortable. If any of this sounds familiar than denture stabilisation at Sutton Implant Clinic using dental implants may be just what you are looking for.

It is now possible to use between two and six dental implants to stabilise your denture, making it firm, durable and comfortable to use every day. This will restore your confidence when eating, speaking and smiling in public, without any fear of slippage!

Stabilisation of a problem denture with dental implants in Birmingham is best suited to full upper or lower dentures although modern advances in techniques will also allow us to look at even stablising partial dentures too.

Are they easy to care for?

When you follow our guidelines on the proper care for your dental implants in Birmingham your denture stabilised dentures will provide many years of reliable performance. They’re known to be more stable than traditional dentures, so you won’t have to worry about speech problems and you will be able to eat your favorite foods again!

Come and see us regularly and schedule a visit any time you have a problem with mouth or gum irritation and keep to your routine check-ups to keep your dental implants in Birmingham in the best condition possible. Your dentures achieved with dental implants in Birmingham will be comfortable, attractive and fully functional. They will give you a reason to show the world your beautiful new and confident smile.

The wonder of 3D imaging in dentistry

Innovations in the field of dental imaging have been advancing since as far back as the early 1960’s. Technological advances such as radiographic imaging and traditional CT scans have provided many important advantages, but also have risks attached too. No previous technology has been able to offer what 3D imaging has delivered to dental practices around the world, including us here at Sutton Implant Clinic.

While x-rays and others imaging techniques can offer several different ways to estimate a perspective of depth, 3D imaging when planning dental implants in Birmingham will generate full three-dimensional models. Our 3D scanners are able to take up to 600 images that are then used to compile a full 3D image of a patient’s mouth.

Dental Implants in BirminghamThe benefits of 3D imaging for dental implants in Birmingham

3D imaging gives our dentists the edge on getting a full image of the mouth, which is specifically important during dental implant surgery. The most apparent benefit is that it allows for a full visualization of every aspect of the implant site.

These images provide a more accurate depiction of bone height and width, as well as showing our dentist the bone density around the implant site. This measure increases every patients’ safety by giving our dentists a much clearer picture of the risks and areas of concern. In addition to this image of bone height, width and density, 3D imagining for your dental implants in Birmingham will also pinpoint structures of the mouth that are vital for successful implants, also increasing the safety of every procedure.

3D imaging at Sutton Implant Clinic can show up issues with the mouth that two-dimensional imaging techniques simply cannot pick up, like root resorption, which can be detrimental to the success of dental implants in Birmingham.

If the use of 3D imagining sounds like something you could benefit from, why not give us a call and book an appointment with one of our dedicated dental team. We can even offer patients a payment plan to spread the costs of your dental implants in Birmingham, meaning successful dental implants could be closer than you think with the help of Sutton Implant Clinic.

Fear of the dentist

Here at Sutton Implant Clinic, we strive to provide innovative treatments and care to our patients. Not only do we deliver results, but we also ensure our patients wellbeing, comfort and nerves are catered for with each visit to our practice.

Every member of our dental team is committed to providing the most comfortable, gentle and relaxing dental experience for your dental implants in Birmingham. We will also ensure your procedures are carried out at a pace you are happy and comfortable with.

Dental Implants in BirminghamDental implants the Sutton Implant Clinic way

We find that with careful, clear explanations and videos, our patients who suffer with dental anxiety feel more relaxed about undertaking dental implants in Birmingham. We understand that it is a big step to start attending the dentist and we can cater for very nervous patients with flexible and friendly appointments. For any of our patients who require any extra help to undergo any treatment, we are also happy to offer IV sedation to ease any major stresses you may have.

If you decide that IV sedation is the right choice for you, our qualified staff will offer you support and reassurance before, during and after your dental implants in Birmingham. We will use a very small needle in your arm or at the back of your hand to administer the sedation drug and most of our patients will have no recollection of their treatment process afterwards.

For our nervous patients, it is a relaxing drug that reduces anxiety, while still allowing you to be fully in communication with our dentists. It will induce memory loss once the drug is administered. This results in you being able to sit in a dental chair and undergo your dental implants in Birmingham with a feeling of ultimate relaxation.

There are also very minimal side effects following IV sedation. When your dentist completes your dental implants in Birmingham, they will administer a drug to reverse the effects. It is a safe and reliable choice for our very nervous patients who feel they may not be able to face the dental implants process without this option.

Common feelings around dental implants

It’s hard to say exactly how you will feel when you get dental implants in Birmingham at Sutton Implant Clinic because each patient has a unique perspective. However, we have worked with many people and supported them through the restoration of their teeth. We see some of the same emotions and physical sensations repeatedly and so we can talk you through them here and when you visit our clinic.

Dental Implants in BirminghamIf you have questions that are not covered here, please do speak to a member of our team at Sutton Implant Clinic. We want to ensure that dental implants in Birmingham are accessible to as many people as possible.

All part of the process

It is normal to feel apprehensive before getting dental implants in Birmingham. We can talk you through any worries you might be having but some of the common ones that we talk to patients about are:

  • Pain – there is a general apprehension around pain when it comes to dental treatment. This is often based on past experience or perhaps on horror stories from friends or the media. We can assure you that, at Sutton Implant Clinic, we do everything we can to ensure that you have a pain-free process while your dental implants are being fitted. We give you local anaesthetic to numb the area so you should not feel anything during this time. After your dental implants are fitted, it is normal to feel some discomfort or soreness. You could also see some bruising or swelling. All of this is common and will fade within a few days. In the meantime, you can take painkillers to help with any sensations;
  • Cost – it is true that dental implants are not a budget option. They are designed to be a stable, long-lasting solution and this is reflected in the cost. Sutton Implant Clinic may be able to offer you one of our finance plans to help spread the cost and ensure that you can get the tooth replacement that you want;
  • Time – the time taken to fit dental implants is relatively short. You can usually have the procedure in a day. The healing process can take a few months after that depending on your body’s natural recuperation capabilities.

Getting dental implants in Birmingham – the fitting process

Getting dental implants in Birmingham can change the way you feel about your teeth. Whether you have just lost teeth or have been living with missing teeth for a while, you will already know how gaps in your smile can affect your confidence, ability to eat food and, in some cases, your speech. Getting your teeth replaced with a strong and stable solution, like dental implants, can restore all of these functions in a short period of time.

Dental Implants in BirminghamAt Sutton Implant Clinic, we talk to all of our patients about the benefits of dental implants in Birmingham early in the process. We find that it puts a positive spin on the treatment journey and ensures you are always looking forward to the joy of having a full smile again. Otherwise, it’s easy to focus on the actual process of fitting the dental implants and some patients find this a little daunting.

Another way that we reduce anxiety around getting dental implants is to give you plenty of information about what will happen during the process. Everyone will have a slightly different experience but the basics of the procedure remain the same.

The fitting process

Dental implants are inserted into holes that the dentist at Sutton Implant Clinic will make in your jawbone. You will receive a local anaesthetic so the area is completely numb before the procedure. In rare cases, a general anaesthetic might be necessary but you will get plenty of notice and explanation if this applies to you.

Your dentist will use the largest dental implant possible. This is because, once the dental implant is in use, it is better to spread the forces that will be applied to it across a larger surface area. The size of your dental implant is dictated by the thickness of your jawbone. However, even the largest are still only a few millimetres across.

The dentist will use progressively larger drill bits to make the holes for your dental implants until the desired size is reached. This slow widening is better for the material in the jawbone. They also keep the area cool throughout with water to prevent heat damage to the tissue in the jaw.

What lifestyle factors are important when you are getting dental implants?

When you visit Sutton Implant Clinic for dental implants in Birmingham, we work with you to ensure that your journey towards new teeth is as smooth as possible.

Dental-Implants-in-BirminghamAt Sutton Implant Clinic, we always begin with a consultation process when we meet new patients who want dental implants in Birmingham. This is where we get to know you and the conditions in your mouth. You will have a thorough examination which may include some scans. When we do this, we are checking to see how many dental implants you might need and whether you have the required jawbone density to support your new teeth. We use this data to create your unique treatment plan.

A member of our team will also ask you a series of questions. These are routine but your answers will help us to give you the information you need in order to go ahead with dental implants in Birmingham. The questions cover your medical history, dental history and some lifestyle factors. It is vital that you feel comfortable enough to give us full and accurate answers to these questions so that we can address any potential issues. Below we tell you a bit more about why some of these are so important.

General health

You and any remaining teeth need to be in a good general state of health before you get dental implants in Birmingham.

Although dental implants are not supported on your remaining teeth, any problems you have can potentially affect the healing process after your new teeth are fitted. Your dentist will talk to you about ways to achieve a good state of oral health before you get dental implants, if necessary.

Your overall health is important because getting dental implants involves minor surgery so you need to be able to heal properly afterwards without placing any undue strain on the body.

Smoking and drinking

Both smoking and heavy drinking can affect your body’s ability to heal. Your dentist may recommend that you stop both before going ahead with dental implants. If you continue to smoke or drink heavily while you are getting dental implants, you are much more susceptible to the possibility of dental implant failure.

Are dental implants a lot of hassle?

If you are thinking about having dental implants or have just had dental implants in Birmingham, you’ll be pleased to know that maintenance couldn’t be easier.

Taking proper care of your dental implants in Birmingham from Sutton Implant Clinic will keep your smile sparkling, and your mouth in optimal health. All you need to have is a combination of a simple daily home routine and visits to Sutton Implant Clinic and you will be smiling for many years to come.

Dental Implants in BirminghamYour at-home routine

This is a combination of brushing and flossing. Brushing dental implants is just like brushing your natural teeth. It’s best to brush at least twice each day and even better if you can do it after each meal. The porcelain that dental implants in Birmingham are made of is more susceptible to scratching than your tooth enamel, so make sure to use a soft toothbrush, and use a non-abrasive toothpaste without baking soda or any stain removing chemicals.

You also need to make a point of flossing around your dental implants as well as between the rest of your teeth. Buy a floss that is made specifically for dental implants. Loosely wrap it around the side of each dental implant and gently work it back and forth to get rid of any plaque and bits of stuck food. You can also use an inter-dental brush to clean between your teeth, implants and gums. Flossing will keep the gum tissue surrounding your dental implants in good condition, and so prevent infection.

Don’t forget to see us regularly

Now that you have dental implants in Birmingham, it is super-important to come for regular check-ups and hygienist appointments.

Our dentists may well take x-rays to make sure that each implant is doing well in your jawbone. X-rays are very important for spotting early signs of a loosening or weakening implant below the gum line, where the dentist cannot see. Additionally, we will closely examine your gums to ensure that they are healthy and that there are no signs of gum disease or gum recession around the implants. This regular check-up will ensure the longevity of your dental implants in Birmingham.